Microprocessor-based automatic crossing alarm - apsm
Microprocessor-based automatic crossing signaling (APSM) performs control and monitoring of the position and status of railway automation and telemechanics objects at crossings:
  • Light and acoustic signaling in the direction of the highway (crossing traffic lights, detectors, countdown board) about the approach of the train to the crossing
  • Automatic and semi-automatic barriers protecting the entry of vehicles to the crossing
  • Light signaling for railway transport (protective traffic lights)
  • Level crossing devices (UZP)
Additionally provided:
  • Determining the vacancy of the crossing area with the possibility of turning on the barrage alarm
  • Video recording of the movement of vehicles and railway substations through the crossing, archiving of video recording
  • Transmission to the substation over the radio channel of the voice notification of the locomotive crew about the inclusion of a barrage alarm